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Norfolk Remodel Complete!

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Check out the beautiful work Sheila’s teams did on this remodeling project! We just have to show you the before-and-after photos so you get the full effect of what they’ve accomplished.

This is where we started. Lots of work to do!

Big changes already... Notice how much the railings add to the beauty of this entry?

Beautiful & Elegant! Between the rails, the ceiling fan and the gorgeous new front door, this looks like a whole new house. Just wait until you see the inside!

Backing up a bit, we see the house when we first got started (from across the street)

Sheila's remodeling team is the best! Look at how gorgeous the front of this house is now. Talk about curb appeal!

EEK! It's falling apart!

Part way there, Sheila's team does a great job, which is why they are recommended so often for remodeling projects.

Done! Rebuilt and repainted. Are you looking for the best home improvement company in Norfolk? Call Sheila's.

Now on to the dated, ugly bathrooms...

This bathroom was in such bad shape we had to go clean to the studs to repair it before we could remodel it.

Look how gorgeous this bathroom remodeling project in Norfolk turned out.

A slightly different angle so you can see the beautiful, tiled shower enclosure of the Norfolk bathroom remodeling project.

Wow. That's the word... When was this EVER a good idea? Do you need a dated, ugly bathroom remodeled? Sheila's team of professionals can handle your tile, plumbing and carpentry in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake

Ta da! Isn't it lovely? A quality bathroom remodel can totally change the look and feel of a house.

The old kitchen... it's on it's way out! Sheila's team will transform this dated room with a complete kitchen remodel in this Norfolk home.

Down to the studs for this room too. Everything had to go!

Sheila's team really opened up the space.

Almost there... Look how the floor extends from the kitchen and beyond, really opening the rooms and creating a modern living space. That's what a remodeling project can do, with a quality team of professionals like Sheila's.

The cabinets are in. What a difference!

Beautiful cabinets! Beautiful floors! Beautiful carpentry and lighting, too. All by Sheila's professional remodeling team in Norfolk, Virginia.